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8.3.2007 / Hello! // Stolen
Welcome year 2007.
We also have some new members, can't remember nicks, check members page ffs.

We won EQ2L6 league, thaigo and provi won some 2on2 league and provi won EDL.
Conclusion: we, especially I, rock!

15.10.2006 / Yo! Update! // Stolen
Diablo removed from memberlist.
I am drunk and fucking hungry.

Btw. anyone seen huippe around?

11.4.2005 / Member changes // Stolen
Offi removed, welcome Diablo as a trial.

7.2.2005 / Again, an update // Stolen
Pages updated and back in use.

28.8.2003 / YEAH! // Stolen

Gee, these updates are killing me...

14.2.2003 / Some new happenings // Stolen
One new tryout, SotaSANKARI.

I turned to 19 years old, happy birthday to me!

10.2.2003 / Back in business // Stolen
Okay, we have had some big changes since last update.

Current lineup is: Thaigo, Zephyr, huippe, Crowbar, nemesis and shuggmastah.
Trials are trigger and SoraX.
And also chmi is our little mascot.

We are now fully concentrating on CB Cup Spring 2003. We played our first CB match versus eA and it went pretty good, 1-1.

Demo in eyes of Zephyr is available on DEMOS page.

2.1.2003 / Back in business // Stolen
Happy New Year!

We are back in business since thaigo is now back from army.
We got whole new lineup:
thaigo, shg, huippe, Zephyr, nemesis, davve, Crowbar and turricane as a tryout.

5.5.2002 / Ye, new news! // Stolen
Yep, pages are updated AGAIN!

Purri and dajna removed from members list.

Finland lost to sweden in hockey :(

30.1.2002 / Update is here again! OMG! // Stolen

In my last news post, I told that huippe is going to army.
Well, now he is back :)

Also, we recruited some new members, and Mincer changed his name to Cedion.

Few matches played also, without defeats of course :)

20.7.2001 / Finnish Championship: Wizards! // Stolen

Like Forrest Gump would say; again.

We are the first clan which wins Sceneleague 2 times in a row. Wohoo!

3rd final went to us clearly 2 - 0, but both rounds were VERY tight.

Also, huippe and chmi went to army, and they will be inactive for 6 or 11 months.
Woo-o-woo you're in the army now! *grin*
Have fun, boys :]

15.6.2001 / Some more happy news! // Stolen

We won the second final by 2 - 1 (389 - 385).
Damn tight finals.
Demo in eyes of Mincer is available at the demos section, wohoo.

10.6.2001 / Happy news! // Stolen

We managed to get into Finals of Sceneleague, allthought we lost the first final, but it's a "best of three" system, so don't worry, we will win Sceneleague again! :)

Also, our old member, Shiva, came back from prison.

Welcome to our new member, CrowBar!

14.4.2001 / Lan party and stuff // Stolen

We are at lan with huippe and thaigo.

We also played a friendly match, me, thaigo, huippe and [NVRD]Jent vs 2.0.
Really tight game ended 1 - 1, we won Q2DM3 and they won Q2DM1. Both rounds were really tight!
Goog game, Two Point O!

Btw. happy easter to all.

20.3.2001 / Some matches played // Stolen

We had 3 matches, victory from every :)
2 times vs. Neverdies and one time vs WU.

Keep fragging, wizzies!

Ye, lots of new matches incoming.
[Edit:] We also played match versus Solaris and Titanium, victory from both.

20.3.2001 / Member and other stuff // Stolen

We got a new member, welcome R3js.

Also, we played one match, versus Moriquendi.

18.2.2001 / Shiva // Stolen

Haha. As you all have seen that Shiva is KINDA inactive and wondered where he is, now we finally know where...

He is in PRISON, rofl :)
Hope he will be back someday :P

17.2.2001 / New member and stuff // Stolen

Ok, so here we are. We got a new member, Iron. Welcome aboard, son :)

I turned to 17 years old, gee, I feel myself as on old fart :))
I'll get my ADSL in few weeks and start praccing some Q2 then and kick thaigo's ass! :)

26.1.2001 / Something // Stolen

Thaigo is back. It's year 2001. I'll get ADSL in 1-2 months and start practising Q2 (of other Wizzies allow that :D). Hmm, what else...

OH, we are looking for few(or one) new member.
Anyone interested?
Contact thaigo.

14.11.2000 / Something new // Stolen

Hey, what's in here? An update??
No, it's even more; a holy new design for homepages!

Much things happened to wizards in the latest month, example we joined to European Quake 2 League and thaigo is tired of playing quake. Sad. Hope he will be back someday.

7.9.2000 / Finnish Championship: Wizards! // Stolen

Yeh! It's true! We won Astralis Una yesterday by maps 2 - 0(Q2DM1 117 - 100, Q2DM3 169 - 112). So finals went 2 - 1 for Wizards! I guess almost all of Q2 players trusted that Astralis Una will win, but we won, and I thank all of our players about that.


btw. thaigo has a new hairlook, and he is a lot of cuter now! :)

4.9.2000 / thaigo on peppu // Stolen

2 of Scene finals have been played. We lost the 1st final by 1 - 2 scores to Astralis Una, but we won the 2nd final by scores 2 - 1. 3nd, and the last final, will be played at Thursday in this week. Let's see which of these great clans is going to win, maps of 2nd match were Q2DM1 94-90, Q2DM3 102-136 and Q2DM2 101-99, so that match will be VERY tight. I hope good for both clans.

24.8.2000 / Some updates and members stuff // Stolen

I am sad to say this, but Pave quitted playing Q2, and he is not Wizard anymore. But, one good thing, we took a new members, Shiva, from Sweden. Welcome, Shiva, and good luck to you in Wizards. I put some results to Results page and added some pics to Members page.

20.8.2000 / New pages // Stolen

Damn, I just noticed that i am fucking lazy. I made these new pages over 2 months, and now these are finally available for you all. Hope I'll update these little bit more than our old pages(one year old pages, 1 update). Well, hope these pages are good enough, and you enjoy your stay here.

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